We always have a great range of daily and seasonal specials.

These can range from Red Mullet, Turbot, Dover Sole, Sea Bass and Swordfish to Mussels Marinara, Linguini Lobster and Asparagus & Parma Ham.

If you would like to know what our current specials are, please call us on

0121 236 5858 to find out
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0121 236 5858 to find out
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Pasta Di Piazza - Jewellery Quarter

Pasta di Piazza is a fine authentic Italian restaurant, serving up traditional dishes and inventive daily specials, using locally sourced ingredients and fresh quality produce. Located the heart of Birmingham’s historical Jewellery Quarter, Pasta di Piazza is a firm favourite amongst locals and visitors alike.

The quaint restaurant boasts with calm and traditional interiors that are open and welcoming. Whilst the relaxing and picturesque surroundings of St Pauls Square, make Pasta di Piazza the perfect end destination for a stroll. The area has so much character and Pasta’s friendly community spirit and stunning exteriors make for a well suited and much-treasured contribution to the Quarter.

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